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Fruitfull® Frozen Fruit Bars

It is the stuff of dreams ... if your dreams include a delicious, guilt-free, gluten-free, refreshing, 100% natural, healthy bar
of frozen heaven. If your dreams lack that, then you need to try a Fruitfull® bar.

Compare our Fruitfull® bars with anything else calling itself a fruit bar, and you'll see just how different Fruitfull® bars are.  

Our bars contain real chunks of sweet fruit!  The American Diabetes and the American Dietetic Associations have rated them
as having 0.5 to 1.5 fruit servings per bar.  

Fruitfull® Non-Dairy Flavors



Fuzzy Navel


Green Tea Melon

Tropical Splash

Passionate Cherry 




Fruitfull® Dairy Flavors
Coconut Cream
Strawberry Cream
Peaches 'n Cream
Mango Cream
Banana Cream
Raspberry Cream
​Pina Colada

Happy Indulgence® Decadent Dips

Do you like chocolate?  What about dark chocolate and your favorite fruit?  That is EXACTLY what you will get with our
Happy Indulgence® Decadent Dips.  We take some of your favorite fruits  and dip them in rich dark chocolate...ummm,
can't you just taste them?  If you haven't, run out and pick one up today!

Our Happy Indulgence® Decadent Dips come in five delicious flavors -

Banana Split

Banana Cream

Cherry Cream

Coconut Cream

Mudpie (chocolate and coffee)!