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It’s Snack Time Distribution is a proud distributor of Happy & Healthy® products in the Queen city and surrounding areas.  Our frozen fruit bars may be purchased at many of the city’s most popular retailers and corporate cafeterias. 

Should you be so fortunate to live in the Queen city or one of its neighboring cities, we encourage you to purchase any of the wonderful Happy & Healthy® offerings from a local merchant. After feasting on one of these remarkably tasty fruit bars, your taste buds and tummy will thank you! 
If you have not had the privilege of experiencing the refreshing taste of one of our Fruitfull® Frozen Fruit Bars, what are you waiting for?  Maybe you simply are not sure where you can purchase one of these exquisite treats.  As you explore our website, be sure to check out our Where to Buy page to find the retailer closest to you.  
All of our Fruitfull® Frozen Fruit Bars are gluten-free, nut-free, kosher, halal certified and Feingold approved.

It's Snack Time Distribution

Guess what the first ingredient is in our Fruitfull® Frozen Fruit Bars? You guessed it...FRUIT!